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New York-based Industry Speaker, Consultant, Coach and author of The Influence Workbook, Elliot Carlyle, will be in Indiana in March 22, 2019!

“Where do I start?”

“I’m Stuck! How do I get unstuck?”

“What does it REALLY take to make it in fashion?”

“What is it like to work with fashion industry leaders?”

“How can I stay motivated?”

If you’ve ever asked any of these questions, this event is for you!

Elliot Carlyle, who navigated his way from a rural Florida town to working with the likes of Gladys Knight and New York Fashion Week creator, Fern Mallis, will be interviewed on the topic, “Gaining Influence in the Industry.” In this interview, he will give the audience insight on how he got started and gained influence within the fashion industry. As well, he will share keys, tips, and wisdom that fashion creatives and professionals can apply while establishing themselves in the global fashion industry.

Seating is VERY limited!!!

Get your tickets NOW at


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