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Guadalupe Gomez is from Noblesville, Indiana and is a Senior at Ball State University. She is Majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Minoring in Marketing. From a young age, Guadalupe knew she wanted to work and be a part in the fashion industry. Her dream is to become a fashion stylist one day, for fashion photoshoots, runway shows, movies/tv shows, music videos, etc. Guadalupe would also enjoy working in visual merchandising displays and fashion marketing.

Although it seems like fashion is only in the major/popular cities we know like California and New York, Guadalupe would like to stay local with her fashion merchandising career. We are seeing a growth in fashion in Indiana and Guadalupe would love to be part of that. This summer, Guadalupe is focusing on her Marketing Internship with the Indiana Fashion Foundation. She is excited to gain as much knowledge and experience in what it takes to be part of the fashion industry overall, but also in Indiana.

Guadalupe would love to connect and network with others who have the same passion as she does in fashion.


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