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Sky is not the limit for fashion to Yemisi Sanni. She shares her art as she roots for art in the community and beyond. Her designs are one that is a blessing to the eye, but it’s her faith that makes way for the path she is paving in the fashion industry. The inspiration of her brand named designs, Stylenspire, coined from a blog in 2015 that was entitled, “Style and Inspire”. What a way to bring that to life. With that said, Yemisan eloquently expresses, “God used fashion to write my story.”

As I interviewed this emerging designer, I learned more of her culture and inspiration of fabrics that reveal her passion for art.

Kevina: Yemisan, what is your perspective on fashion?

Yemisan: Fashion is Impressionable. From a child I embraced fashion through trade and culture. My family showed and taught the significance of a fabric. We’re from Lagos, Nigeria, and it’s a tradition and culture of the Yoruba people to celebrate life or death and embracing family and culture. In celebrations or gatherings, we come together and the families will have specific fabric we’d wear in representing this expression. God used fashion to write my story.

K: Amazing. What is your workflow?

Y: I’m inspired by art, style, and energy. This caters to my work flow. Confidence keeps flow ripe and fresh.

K: How do you feel the Midwest represents fashion?

Y: The percentage of creativity seemed limited, but within the last few years this has changed. A rise in the Midwest has happened. It went from being dormant and mundane to open doors through various outlets. Everyone is rising and developing fashion through growth. Indiana Fashion Foundation has contributed by creating this opportunity for professionals to network, learn, connect, give, and grow in the fashion industry. It’s a blessing to see this change.

K: In your opinion, what’s the next wave in fashion?

Y: Countries such as Africa, Russia, Soviet Union, and China are all about cultural fashion. The ethnic enlightenment will wave to display what it really is, aside from what is shown in the media of these countries.

K: What is an unknown gift or talent you’d want to expand on outside of fashion?

Y: I have a gift of writing. I have a book in regards to love in which I plan to publish.

It was a great time had learning more about Yemisani, behind the sew. It will be just as great to view her cultured designs as they hit the runway!

We are just countable days away from the Inaugural Indiana Fashion Week Emerging Designer Competition June 22nd. Purchase your tickets today at! See you there!


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