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As the highly anticipated inaugural Indiana Fashion Week is swiftly approaching, I’ve decided to learn more about our 2019 emerging designers. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to do brief one-on-one interviews with them. Over the next several weeks, I will unveil these talks about fashion − on and off the runway − and perspective.

In this segment, I had the chance to sit down with designer, Maria Mauro, of Mau et Cie, LLC. Her designs reflect not only her passion for garment construction, but a deep-rooted heart effort to develop women and children into believing in their best selves. She emphasizes her strong belief that, regardless of their background or what they’ve had to overcome in life, women should not only look the part, but be the part.

Maria Mauro is motivated by being a beacon that mirrors hard work and dedication — showing that integrity and hard work put into the arts is a dynamic ripple effect that can be echoed into the dreams of younger generations.

Check out some of our exclusive dialogue!

Kevina: Maria, what is your perspective on fashion?

Maria: My perspective of fashion is it’s something that lifts you up. Sometimes people go with [the] flow of style but don’t wear something because it is in style. You should wear it because it compliments and makes you feel good.

K: Ok, that’s amazing! What’s your workflow? What’s the quickest you’ve made a garment?

M: I’ve made a garment in one night. I had all of the pieces but [needed to] put it together. I’m very creative..and creators should be creators, not followers or copiers and have material of their own to build from.

K: Describe your fashion in three words.

M: Empowered. Fulfilled. Elegant. I’m so excited to display this all on the runway. Confidence is so necessary. You don’t just feel it you, become it. You’ve got to be it, and just go! As a teacher of English, I tell my students to go in [the] direction that they want to be, and never look back. This is also displayed in my fashions.

K: Outside of fashion, what are some of your hobbies?

M: If you look at my Facebook account, you will see the photos I took of my beautiful garden. I’ve created a dream garden. I’ve planted 500 tulips on hands and knees — different perennials and sunflowers. I’m all about pollinators, butterflies and bees. A bee hive was created in my garden and made me feel empowered. I’m in love with spring and my beautiful garden.

It was a pleasure spending time talking with Maria Mauro. Her fashion journey is of one that is a result of independence and the belief that you can achieve anything, even without the support of others. She believes the bounce back from any hardship and to pursue goals comes from within and is handed down from God. It is her belief that through this, we can achieve all things.

Maria’s expression of creating a garment can be seen in essence as she quotes:

“Everything is made from something. Go back to the elements, and make it different. Be a creator. In doing that, you reinvent the wheel and make it something that is useful, valued, and that makes you feel good”
“When women wears a Mau, I want them to feel that they have made it. I want a Lexus, and when I purchase one, I will know that I’ve made it.”

Maria Mauro coins her brand as a walkable piece of art that is unique and shows off confidence of the woman in which her brand will help exuberate their innate value. Her ideal customer is a 35 to 55 year old woman with a college education. Her targets are successful women who do not settle for less than a one of a kind look and are willing to pay for it. These women are ambitious, and haute couture is their passion as she prides her designs.

Now that you’ve learned more about this emerging designer, come and see the creations live at the 2019 Indiana Fashion Week Emerging Designer Fashion Show! Tickets are now on sale for this extravagant event.

Visit to secure your tickets to the Making it IN Fashion Industry Day Conference & The Runway Shows. INDFW19 June 18-22nd, 2019.


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