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Let’s unwind behind the designs of Jenn Felts. This multifaceted artist expresses her gift of art by way of garments for the skin, or colorful drawings on thin paper. “Tokyo Twiggy” was coined from a nickname she inherited back in high school. As we conversed two and two came together, and the inspiration behind her titled designs was revealed.

She traveled abroad and lived in Tokyo for a season, and because of her thin frame, “Twiggy” was the tweeny hip name that those who knew her called.

Her knack for experimentation of fashion has inspired the styles and designs that she will display at this year’s Emerging Designer Fashion Show. I was honored to learn more about Jenn during our exclusive interview:

Kevina: So, Jenn, at what age did you create your first garment?

Jenn: Although I always drew as a child, it was actually late in life, my mid 20’s and mid 30’s when I first designed. My whole life I wanted to design but my family was not into fashion much. It was when I went to college, one in particular, the Art Institute, is where I first made designs physically come to life.

K: How do you feel the midwest represents fashion?

J: It’s pretty interesting.I was raised in Dallas, TX and came to Indiana about 10 years ago. Living in Muncie, I saw there was a lot of trend dressing. I’d say Winter fashions are predominant. It’s great to see that creatives are wanting to expand, [thus] creating opportunities for designers. It’s amazing.

K: If you could give any advice to your younger self on this fashion journey, what would you say?

J: Don’t doubt yourself. Just keep pushing. I’d tell myself that my ideas are good enough.

If things don’t turn out the way [I] intended, use that as a learning experience, and don’t give up. Most of all, just create.

K: Where do you see your fashion career going over the next 5 years?

J: I’ll be progressed forward in textile fashion. DIY style. (Do it yourself) From the ground up. I’m interested in making my own fabric and designs instead of fabrics that fit vision. I will incorporate more textile designs, travel, teach, and show how this can be done. Progress outward to change pattern and style. This will help the industry with an added fresh pair of eyes in this arena of fashion.

It was an amazing time chatting with Jenn. When she isn’t creating eccentric designs, she enjoys painting, and playing a plethora of games she’s collected on her PS4 (Playstation 4 game console).

Come out and see Jenn’s amazing creations at the Inaugural Indiana Fashion Week, Emerging Designer Fashion Show. Get your tickets today you don’t want to miss it! Go to for more information or to purchase!


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