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Dara Branson of Wear In The World is a fabric designer, as well as a fashion and travel enthusiast. She found her love for fashion back in the seventh grade. Branson explains “I just started sketching when I was in seventh grade and never stopped”. From then on she had a passion for fashion. She started to look into colleges that specifically had apparel design programs.

Like many other designers, Branson draws inspiration from all over the place. But more so in where she travels, “It’s really drawn from my experiences traveling,” she explains. Branson travels fairly frequently, due to her husband’s job, so she notices a lot of things that have bugged her when packing. Even in figuring out how to mix and match clothing. “I don’t like wearing a T-shirt and jeans all the time, or looking too casual. So I still want that kind of vacation feeling, but still look put together”. As well as not having to carry a ton of luggage everywhere, just to find the right pieces for wherever you go, “So really focusing on kind of the basics that are going to be easy to pack, easy to wear together, kind of mix and match that kind of thing”.

“I don’t like wearing a T-shirt and jeans all the time, or looking too casual.”

Branson designs give more of a casual fashion and comfortable feel. With a little edge so those wearing her designs get to be fashionable, and do not have to worry about getting so many fashion pieces in their closets. She explains how her designs are still fairly basic, but elegant. Which is how she would describe her fashion/style. “I feel like I keep coming back to like, elegant, like it is more casual and elegant. But yeah, I think I would go with elegant”. It’s safe to say that Branson’s fashion icons also may have an influence on her designs and style. Her two biggest fashion icons are Jackie Kenndy and Audrey Hepburn.

Branson also gave a little sneak peak into her upcoming collection for Indy’s fashion week. “I feel like this collection is maybe more American… So it is kind of that more laid back vibe with some denim fabrics”. She expresses how it will be refreshing to see this, rather than the avant-garde looks/clothing that a lot of designers have been showcasing. Which is something she wishes she can do, “I really wish I could do like avant garde style sometimes, but I just can’t do it. I think too much. I overthink it”.

As a designer in Indiana, Branson shares difficulties and challenges when it comes to living in indiana. “Finding places to shop for fabric because that’s one of those things that you really have to like, touch and see in person to really get the full experience and we just don’t have that much of that here” , Branson explains. However, She feels that it has gotten better, since there’s more resources online.

“I really wish I could do like avant garde style sometimes”

Branson has moved around, back more for her husband’s career. But has gone back and forth several times, when it comes to where she could have been more successful, “I feel like I could have been more successful if I moved to New York or to LA. It could have been, you know, easier to find those resources and even find jobs to kind of prepare me better”. Branson, does give advice to those starting off in the fashion industry, and trying to find where they can most succeed. “It’s something to consider… Definitely, you have to kind of balance. Like, where you want to live and where you want to stay. And also kind of paying attention to who your customer is”. But nevertheless, Branson is here in Indiana. She shares how “it’s kind of nice living outside of the city and being more aware of what other people need outside of that kind of hustle bustle of the city”. In addition, she also gives advice to any young designers, working their way in the fashion industry. :just keep at it, keep creating things. I feel like that’s the biggest thing if you have a large portfolio”, that way you are able to start a lot of conversations.

This conversation with Dara Branson was very relaxing and informative. From knowing her overall inspiration, to excellent advice to those trying to succeed in the fashion industry. I can’t wait to see her upcoming collection that will be showcased at this year’s fashion show for Indiana Fashion week.

To know more of Dara Branson and her brand, Wear In The World check out her instagram! @darabranson


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