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“CHLEEN — Exploring the unbridled, graceful strength of a woman.”

This motto will speak for itself at the 2019 Indiana Fashion Week Fashion Show June 22, as this Emerging Designer is one to create for the woman whose frame is of unconventional size in fashion.

“I want to cater to women with larger frames. I make ensembles that have a natural feel and are accessible pieces that women can wear in their everyday environment,” Chloe expressed during our interview when asked her fashion perspective.

She describes her fashions as classic, feminine and unbridled. When asked how often she creates, I learned that she has a very specific strategy in creating. “I like to strategically think before action. I, at times, may have designer’s block but [can] create more intuitively when I have something specific to do such as the brand that I want to launch in the fall.”

Chloe believes that the next wave of fashion is now with the plus size market, in which she plans to accommodate. Because fashion is art, what has inspired her to cater mostly to the plus size market is the personal accessibility to the women in her family. “The women in my family are not in the typical sizes of fashionable clothing. So I’ve adapted more to the business side of not only creating garments for them and myself, but making it available to the public.

This collaborative opportunity with fashion professionals has impressed Chloe. And the fact that it is a competition makes it more intriguing. She is happy to be part of a display that will help to bridge the fashion community in this region more closely to the larger cities where there are broad streams of fashion. “Fashion exists not only in cities such as Chicago in the Midwest, but vividly in Indiana.”

During this intriguing interview, we chatted, we laughed, and shared moments of excitement for what she will display on the runway June 22nd! The CHLEEN line of clothing is of the ready to wear, and can be coined as wearing a collage of life moments.

Chloe shared with me her philanthropic efforts to teach classes on sewing as well as designing. When she is not designing, she is a homebody who enjoys eating sushi!

Indiana Fashion Week is vastly approaching! Get your tickets today — you don’t want to miss it! Go to for more information or to purchase!


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